The Robson Valley Region is a unique area of northern British Columbia nestled at the edge of the Rocky Mountains. It derives its name from Mount Robson, the highest point in the Canadian Rockies. Mount Robson Provincial Park is the second oldest park in British Columbia’s park system. Hiking, wilderness photography and camping in the park are just a few of the activities the people who make their home in the surrounding communities enjoy at their doorstep.

The Robson Valley communities of Dome Creek, Crescent Spur, McBride, Dunster, Tête Jaune Cache, and Valemount are safe, friendly and welcoming. They are an ideal choice for those that love the outdoors and are looking for clean air, pristine water and an outdoor lifestyle.

Come here as a retiree, an entrepreneur, or bring your profession with you. Real estate is very affordable and good connectivity means that you can work where you live, and live where you play. The Robson Valley is located between major centres including Edmonton, Prince George, and Kamloops. Travel, shopping, entertainment and more are all within a half day drive down the road in all directions.


Communities of the Robson Valley have easy access to three major centres: Prince George to the west, Kamloops to the south, and Edmonton Alberta to the east. Sample distances are provided here.

McBridePrince George 212 km
McBrideTête Jaune Cache 58 km
McBrideJasper, Alberta 166 km
McBrideEdmonton530 km
Tête Jaune Cache Valemount 19 km
ValemountKamloops 319 km
ValemountTête Jaune Cache 19 km
ValemountJasper122 km
ValemountEdmonton486 km

Don’t wish to drive? There are other alternatives for those wishing to travel in the Robson Valley.

VIA Rail passenger service is available to all Robson Valley Communities. If you are in McBride or one of the other communities along Yellowhead Highway 16 VIA Rail service is available from Prince Rupert to Jasper.


If you are in Valemount or another community along Highway 5, VIA Rail service is available to Vancouver and Edmonton. More information on this service is available online at


Robson Valley residents can access international flights and daily flights to major centres from Prince George BC, Kamloops BC, and Edmonton Alberta. For airline schedules please follow the links below:


The Valemount Airport has a 1200 m airstrip that can accommodate small jets and helicopter transfers.
If you are a private pilot with a smaller aircraft, Charlie Leake Field in McBride boasts an 830 metre airstrip. See more information on the:

Culturally Rich

This area is rich in culture. This was the heart of construction on the Grand Trunk Railway and evidence of this time in history is evident. Signs of First Nation’s activities in the area can be still be found along the Fraser River at Tête Jaune Cache in the vicinity of the salmon spawning grounds.

In the 1800’s fur traders trapped and sold furs to the Hudson’s Bay Company. The historic community of Tête Jaune Cache was named after Metis fur trader Pierre Bostonais. The nickname was given to him by the French voyageurs because of his blonde hair.

Many Europeans came to the Robson Valley as settlers. They came here to ranch, farm, and trap and their history and culture is still reflected in the lifestyle. During the Second World War, Japanese Canadians were sent north to work on roads, and internment camps were set up in the area.

The railroad was a key element of development and heritage railway stations are still in use in the local communities. Evidence of the early railway settlements can still be seen along the Fraser River throughout the valley.

A visit to the Valemount Museum or the Valley Museum and Archive in McBride will take you on a fascinating tour through the past.


Natural Beauty

The beautiful Robson Valley is bracketed by the Rocky Mountains and the Cariboo Range in north central British Columbia. This is the source of the Fraser River and the home of the famous Mount Robson from which the valley gets its name. Mount Robson is clearly visible from the Yellowhead Highway, and is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies.


If you were to head high into the mountains here, you would find yourself at the origins of the Fraser River, which flows westerly through the valley and onward on its 854 mile trek to its final destination at Vancouver and the Pacific Ocean. The Fraser River is the lifeblood of the Robson Valley, providing fertile land, abundant water supply and plentiful fish stocks. Wildlife abounds with grizzly bear, caribou, and goats high on the hills; in the valley you will find moose, elk, deer, and many other species.

Visitors travel to this area from all over the world to experience what the Robson Valley has to offer. The winters provide world-class conditions for skiing, snowmobiling and other winter sports; and the long warm summer days are ideal for all of your favorite outdoor activities including hiking, bird watching, ATVing and mountain biking.

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