Tourism Opportunities


Tourism is a growing industry in the Robson Valley. Tourism operators are recognizing the opportunities generated by the mountains and waterways that are the signature of the region. This is important, not just for the economy of the region, but because it has a positive impact on the quality of life for residents. The Robson Valley is somewhat unique in BC as its winter tourism industry is even more robust than the tourism industry during the rest of the year.

There are excellent opportunities for the outdoor adventurer year round. People come here for snowmobiling, heli-skiing, white water rafting, mountain biking, hang gliding, and back country adventure. Wilderness camping opportunities, lake and river fishing, and a variety of hiking and cross country ski trails are readily available throughout the valley. For those that prefer something less strenuous, bird watching, fishing and horseback riding might fill the bill. The excellent farmers markets and cultural venues round out the experience for all and there is excellent potential for additional agri-tourism ventures.

Contrary to trends in other areas of the country, statistics show an increase in visitors in the Robson Valley. Visitor Centre statistics from Valemount and McBride indicate that the number of parties travelling to the area are up significantly from previous years. In summer, visitors come primarily from other areas of British Columbia, Alberta and Europe. European visitors tend to travel by RV and visit the area on their way to or from Jasper. In winter, snowmobilers make up a significant portion of the tourist traffic. These visitors usually stay for short periods of time and come primarily from Edmonton and northern Alberta.