The Rusty Iron

Meet Vicky Tyler, owner of The Rusty Iron in McBride BC.

Vicki and her family have been coming to the area vacationing for years. When the opportunity presented itself for Vicki to open The Rusty Iron the family of 3 eagerly re-located to the Region.

Vicki has been a hair and color stylist for 16 years and she welcomed the chance to relocate from Alberta to McBride .

“I love the openness of the Valley, business opportunity and of course the friendly people made it a simple choice to move here. Our daughter has adjusted well to the move and we love the high school.”

Vicki says the business potential in this Valley is amazing, she looks forward to expanding her shop and offering residents and visitors a new place to stop in.

When Vicki isn’t busy in her shop you can find her gardening, quading, sledding, and camping. Pop in and see what The Rusty Iron has for you.