Mica Electronics

Kiba Dempsey, and his wife, Alex, have been supporting the Robson Valley Regions home and business IT needs since they moved here, from England, in 2005. They say they moved to the Robson Valley in the hope of finding a better quality of life for their family – especially their two sons; Sean and Ben. After spending 12 years in this area of stunning natural beauty and incredibly welcoming and friendly people, they firmly believe that they succeeded in that goal!

Kiba is degree-qualified in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, but chose to switch from research and development to IT when he moved to the Robson Valley and took on the role of Technical Analyst for the Robson Valley’s schools. He now has over a decade of experience supporting large company computer networks, small computer networks, public WIFI systems, email systems and digital camera security systems. Alex takes care of home computer needs. The Robson Valley Region had a need for IT support and we can’t think of a place we would rather be.

In their spare time the Dempsey family like to take advantage of the great hiking and biking opportunities that this region has to offer, or head out to the lake with a couple of kayaks. Kiba has also been a youth soccer coach for grades 5-7 for the last few years. In the winter they enjoy skiing and always love walking their dogs in any season.