Forestry Opportunities

Success Stories

There are many great stories of families and individuals who live and work in the Robson Valley. The "Forestry" section of our website highlights people and businesses who have found a niche opportunity in the forestry industry. We have captured a few of their stories to give you a taste on what life in the Robson Valley is all about.


Gordon Carson

Gordon is a long time resident of the valley and has a very unique business, providing specialty fibre for musical instruments. Gordon has worked in many other capacities within the Forest industry and has seen the valley through good times and slower times. This is Gordon's story...

Jennifer and James

Jennifer and James have a specialty business in the forest industry called Crescent Spur Hardwoods. Taking quality Birch and selling it into the Japanese market, these two have found a great business, a great wood supply within the Robson Valley, and continued growth potential for the future. This is Jennifer and James' story...