Our Communities

Crescent Spur

Crescent Spur is made up of several small communities that were originally based on railway construction and later the sawmill industry. The Spur is located just west of McBride by the Fraser River. The population of about 24 permanent residents are primarily farmers and ranchers, but the community also boasts a world class heli-skiing lodge that operates from December thorough to April. A popular spring time event for high-school students is a "retreat" at Crescent Spur Lodge. This event has become a tradition for students in the McBride catchment area.

In summer visitors to Crescent Spur enjoy guided tours through the unspoiled wilderness, rustic camping and fishing the local lakes. A small sawmill operation produces birch flooring for the Japanese market.

Postal services are available and a school bus brings children from Crescent Spur to the schools in McBride.

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