Robson Valley


Communities of the Robson Valley have easy access to three major centres: Prince George to the west, Kamloops to the south, and Edmonton Alberta to the east. Sample distances are provided here.

McBride Prince George 212 km
McBride Tête Jaune Cache 58 km
McBride Jasper, Alberta 166 km
McBride Edmonton 530 km
Tête Jaune Cache Valemount 19 km
Valemount Kamloops 319 km
Valemount Tête Jaune Cache 19 km
Valemount Jasper 122 km
Valemount Edmonton 486 km

Don't wish to drive? There are other alternatives for those wishing to travel in the Robson Valley.

VIA Rail passenger service is available to all Robson Valley Communities. If you are in McBride or one of the other communities along Yellowhead Highway 16 VIA Rail service is available from Prince Rupert to Jasper. If you are in Valemount or another community along Highway 5, VIA Rail service is available to Vancouver and Edmonton. More information on this service is available online at

Greyhound Bus provides regularly scheduled service to Vancouver, Prince George and Edmonton.


Robson Valley residents can access international flights and daily flights to major centres from Prince George BC, Kamloops BC, and Edmonton Alberta. For airline schedules please follow the links below:

The Valemount Airport has a 1200 m airstrip that can accommodate small jets and helicopter transfers.

If you are a private pilot with a smaller aircraft, Charlie Leake Field in McBride boasts an 830 metre airstrip. See more information on the Charlie Leake Airfield.

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