Robson Valley

About Robson Valley

The Robson Valley Region is a unique area of northern British Columbia nestled at the edge of the Rocky Mountains. It derives its name from Mount Robson, the highest point in the Canadian Rockies. Mount Robson Provincial Park is the second oldest park in British Columbia's park system. Hiking, wilderness photography and camping in the park are just a few of the activities the people who make their home in the surrounding communities enjoy at their doorstep.

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The Robson Valley communities of Dome Creek, Crescent Spur, McBride, Dunster, TĂȘte Jaune Cache, and Valemount are safe, friendly and welcoming. They are an ideal choice for those that love the outdoors and are looking for clean air, pristine water and an outdoor lifestyle.

Come here as a retiree, an entrepreneur, or bring your profession with you. Real estate is very affordable and good connectivity means that you can work where you live, and live where you play. The Robson Valley is located between major centres including Edmonton, Prince George, and Kamloops. Travel, shopping, entertainment and more are all within a half day drive down the road in all directions.

The Robson Valley boasts a younger population compared to the rest of northern BC and the average income is about $56,000 per family. The natural resources here provide opportunities in tourism, forestry, and agriculture. Jobs in the education, healthcare, government services, and small business sector round out the economy of the region. Fire and emergency services are available in the valley with enhanced 911 service region-wide.

Emergency services including police and ambulance are available with enhanced 911 service region-wide. Fire services are available in proximity to McBride and Valemount, and a rescue service runs within the McBride area. Search and Rescue services span the Valley.

The Robson Valley Region also boasts its own local media with two competing newspapers, the Valley Sentinel and the Rocky Mountain Goat, as well as a local television station, ValemountCommunityTV.